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Where Social Meets Learning

How do you learn? By reading books? From lessons in a classroom? Or through a simple conversation?

KnowUAt Harrison College, we think it’s all the above…and more. And we think it’s time for online learning to bring it all together.


KnowU LearningThis isn’t online learning, as you know it. KnowU is a campus quad, a student union, a sun-drenched lawn…all in the digital landscape. It’s uniquely designed to create a sense of place for online students. You’ll feel like you’re on campus even though you’re learning online.

In this KnowU community, students aren’t the only ones who’ll be learning. In time, KnowU will actually be able to learn your preferences the more you use the site. And based on those preferences, KnowU continually makes recommendations for learning resources to help fine-tune your education and enhance your success.


KnowU’s Path To Success feature will be developed to give every student the ability to track their academic and professional progress as they approach graduation and a new career. Providing a clear path to a brighter future.


KnowU CommunityYour classmates. Your friends. They’re here, too. KnowU allows students to connect with each other in a Social Media setting. It even integrates your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. After all, that’s a large part of what school is all about. Connecting with other students who have the same interests as you. Having people to share your struggles and successes with. Belonging to a community.

Take the Tour

If you’re ready to learn in a completely new way, take a tour of the KnowU online campus for yourself.

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