Student Affairs

Being a student isn't easy. That is why Harrison College doesn't expect you to go through getting a degree without being there to answer your questions or provide you with the tools you need for success. Below are just some of the services Harrison offers its students in order to equip them with the answers and assistance they need.

Academic Advising

There is always someone available to answer your questions or give you guidance. Our Academic Advisers are here to assist you when you need it.

Tutoring Services

Does an assignment have you perplexed? Are you stuck on a math problem? Our campuses offer tutoring services to help get you on your way.

Student Life Tools

Student Resource Services offers Harrison students assistance with a variety of different services such as debt challenges, school issues, childcare, housing needs, legal difficulties, or other personal challenges.

Student Affairs Specialists

When you are a student at Harrison College, your Student Affairs Specialist is your own personal advocate. Not sure where to start? Your Student Affairs Specialist is the person to turn to.

Supporting the Student
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The Harrison Experience

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