Frequently Asked Questions for Military Students

What are Harrison’s Military Financial Options?

Harrison College participates in the Montgomery G.I. Bill, Tuition Assistance programs and accepts many federal and private aid programs. In addition, we have established a Military Service Award for active duty, reservist, national guard, retirees, veterans and eligible dependents of military personnel. The grant amounts vary based on program and eligibility but are designed to allow students to maximize their military education benefits. As a rule of thumb, active duty service members may reduce their tuition by as much as 50%, while reservist, national guard, retirees, veterans and eligible dependents may reduce tuition by as much as 30%. One of our knowledgeable Financial Aid Analysts will assist you in finding exactly what you are eligible for. Learn more about veterans and military benefits.

What resources are available for veterans?

Harrison College can assist you with the process of submitting your Montgomery GI Bill claims for veterans and dependents utilizing VA educational benefits with Harrison. In order for Harrison to process VA entitlements, all paperwork must be properly completed and either faxed or mailed or submitted electronically to the correct Office of Veterans Affairs. Failure to include any part of your VA paperwork will delay the processing of your VA entitlements.

If I am deployed or transferred, will I be able to continue my education later?

Certainly. Harrison College understands that military personnel are frequently deployed and transferred. If you will not be able to continue your coursework for the length of your deployment or while en route to your new assignment, just contact Harrison College for further guidance. For more complete details, read on.

If you must withdraw due to active military duty, you will be granted a military leave of absence from Harrison College. “Active duty” is defined as full-time enlistment in the active military service of the United States. This includes full-time training duty, annual training duty, and active state duty for members of the National Guard.

A military leave of absence will be granted while you are serving on active duty and for one year after the conclusion of that required military service, provided you are a member of the United States National Guard or other reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, or a member of those armed forces in a retired status, and are called to active duty.

A copy of your orders is required to be on file prior to the granting of a military leave of absence. You then can request one of the following options depending on your last date of attendance.

  • Credit tuition and fee charges toward a subsequent academic term in an amount that is one hundred percent of what you paid for the academic term in which you withdrew.
  • Refund tuition and fees paid for the academic term, provided you withdrew before week 7 of the term.  The refund shall equal one hundred percent of the tuition and fee charges you paid for the academic term. If you withdrew after week 7 of the term, you are ineligible for a refund of tuition and fee charges.

If you were previously granted a military leave of absence, you may request to be restored to the educational status you attained prior to being called to active duty. You will not lose academic credits earned or any scholarships or grants awarded prior to commencement of active duty.

How will my military training and experience be applied to my chosen degree program?

Harrison College may grant credit for documented military experience based on the recommendations of American Council on Education (ACE) for lower division courses (1000 – 2999) required in your program. Our degree programs are designed under a quarter hour system, and your credits after evaluation that can be transferred will be converted to this system. In order to grant credit to veterans based on the ACE recommendations, you must have an official transcript sent from your branch of the service to Harrison College.

Military transcripts typically include documentation of the following along with ACE recommendations for awarding credit for each.

  • Military occupations held
  • Military training courses completed
  • College-level examinations completed including:
    • CLEP
    • Excelsior College Examinations
    • Defense Language Proficiency Tests (DLPTs)

Following are the offices you need to contact to get your transcript.

Does Harrison College offer online courses?

Yes. Harrison Online Studies enables you to obtain a college degree on your schedule, no matter where you're located. No long commute. No schedule conflicts. No childcare worries. And no reason to put off taking that first step and enrolling in a degree program that can change your life! Not all Harrison degrees and programs are available online. To learn more about all the Harrison academic programs currently offered online, visit the Online Studies section of this website.

How do online studies work?

We offer many online programs where all classes are completed 100% online, meaning you never—unless you want to—visit a physical Harrison campus. With certain programs, you may complete some classes online and the remaining classes at a campus. Once enrolled, you’ll receive log-in information, class materials and instructions on how to access classes. We even provide an online “mini-course” for first-time online students which you can take prior to the start of the quarter. This will get you familiar with how the whole process works. For more information about how online classes work, read How Online Studies Work.

Once I graduate, can I count on Harrison to help me with my career search?

Of course! All Harrison graduates enjoy lifetime employment assistance. We also offer many online tools for you to take advantage of to better develop all the important job search skills you’ll need to find your first job after school, your second job, and every job going forward. Visit the Student Career Services section of this website to learn more.

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